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Massachusetts Birth Certificate

Order Copies 1926 - 2022

State certified birth records are official, legal documents and obtained through the Massachusetts State Registry of Vital Statistics in Boston.

Each birth certificate is embossed with the official raised Massachusetts state seal, is signed by the State Registrar, contains original date of issue and current copy date, is printed on secure, watermarked paper and has a scanned, digital bar-code for tracking.

Certified birth records are valid for obtaining passports, processing "REAL ID" applications, providing proof of age, obtaining United States citizenship, social security benefits and for many other legal purposes.

The fee for obtaining and shipping a Massachusetts certified birth certificate within the United States for delivery in 10 - 14 business days is $45 [US].

An expedited shipping option for delivery within 5 - 7 business days is available within the United States for an additional $30 [US]. Quantity discounts also apply for duplicate records ordered at the same time.

International shipping service is also an option, as well as providing Massachusetts State Apostille or Authenticated Seals.

Our standard document fees however, include first class international postage only, with no guarantee of delivery time. Upgrading to DHL Global Express, or FedEx shipping is an option for our international customers.

If interested in having your record sent by an international express service, first place your order by choosing the expedited option below. Once you receive your email confirmation, email us at services@mass-doc.com with your request for express international postage and/or apostille service. Your shipping address will be on the order.

We will respond within one business day or less and let you know the additional fee(s). Payment can then be made online via a secure link.

Apostille fees vary based on the country needing the Apostille and the overall number of documents needing an Apostille, but average about $25 [US]. For the additional postage fees, we only charge exactly what DHL or FedEx charges us for their service.

The average DHL or FedEx service fee to Western Europe, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and the Orient averages about $75 - $125 [US]. Service fees to Canada and Mexico are about $55 - $85 [US].

PLEASE NOTE !  Due to the extensive renovation and construction delays caused by burst pipes and resulting flood in early February 2022, the public research room at the Registry of Vital Records remains closed.  The ability to provide non certified or transcribed copies of birth records for genealogy purposes is currently not available.




Birth records for persons born to unwed parents are not available through this application.

Non-marital birth records are limited by State Regulations, Chapter 46 to either the subject, parents named on the record or legal guardian or representative of the child.

Proceeding with this application to obtain a non-marital birth record may hinder your ability to receive a full refund.

To avoid any unwanted frustration, and if you are the person named on the record, or one of the named parents, simply email us first at services@mass-doc.com for relatively easy instructions on how to obtain a non marital birth record.

Continuing with this application, if your parents were unwed, will only delay and frustrate your ability in obtaining the record, even if the record is for you or if you are the named parent on the record.



If month is unknown, select Not Known.
If day is unknown, select Not Known.

If the specific year is unknown, enter the year you feel is most accurate.

In the "Notes Section" further down on this form, enter up to a five year span, i. e. 1961 - 1965, to have searched.

Records prior to 1926 are not available through this application. For that time period, see ordering Massachusetts Vital Records 1841 - 1925.

Next, select delivery by either FIRST CLASS MAIL or by EXPEDITED PRIORITY MAIL.

Then, choose number of records you want under that shipping method by using the drop down arrow.


Just for review, a certified document is a duplicate of the original, printed on security watermarked paper, stamped with a raised, embossed Massachusetts State seal, contains the original date of recording, the State Registrar's signature and date of issue.

Certified birth records are valid for obtaining passports, processing "REAL ID" applications, providing proof of age, obtaining United States citizenship, social security benefits and for many other legal purposes.

Certified documents can not be sent by email.


A transcribed record is not an official or legal document. The intended use is for genealogical research studies, background investigations, medical studies or general information.

All transcribed records are sent as PDF email attachments. Expedited service is not available.

Still not sure if you need a certified or transcribed record? Here is an example of a Massachusetts transcribed birth record.

Also, and in order to ensure email delivery of the transcribed record, be sure and allow your email program to receive mail from the domain "mass-doc.com".



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