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Essex County, Massachusetts Cemetery Guide

With Embedded Links to
1000's of Gravestone Photographs

Black and white map of Essex County Massachusetts, with town and city names and land borders.

The cemetery listings below were provided, in part, courtesy of the now archived U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS).

The GNIS was comprised of all geographic names for all known places, features, and areas in the Unites States that were identified by a proper name. Each cemetery was located by State and county.

A total of 131 cemeteries for Essex County are listed. This directory is by no means meant to be an all inclusive directory of all cemeteries in Essex County.

Embedded links to the cemeteries have been researched and provided by us @ mass-doc.com. In all cases, we tried to find direct links to the actual cemetery. Many of these cemeteries are no longer active so we chose links that would give you the most information. If you find a more appropriate link than what is provided, please email us and we can update this page. Our email address is at the bottom of this page.

Cemetery Name and Town or City Location

Ancient Cemetery, Salem

Bayview Cemetery, Gloucester

Beech Grove Cemetery, Rockport

Beechbrook Cemetery, Gloucester

Belleville Cemetery, Newburyport

Bellevue Cemetery, Lawrence

Bnai Brith Cemetery, Peabody

Bridge Street Cemetery, Gloucester, aka, First Parish Burial Ground and Old Bridge Street Burying Ground

Brookside Cemetery, Boxford

Calvary Cemetery, Gloucester

Cawles Memorial Cemetery, Ipswich, aka, Highland Cemetery

Cedar Grove Cemetery, Peabody

Central Cemetery, Beverly

Chelsea Cemetery, Peabody

Cherry Hill Cemetery, Gloucester

Church Street Cemetery, Andover, aka, South Church and South Parish Cemetery

Dollivers Cemetery, Gloucester

Elmwood Cemetery, Bradford

Emmanuel Memorial Park, Danvers, aka, Temple Emanu-El of Marblehead Memorial Park

First Burial Ground, Newbury

First Cemetery, Newbury

First Parish Burying Ground, Newbury

Flint Burying Ground, Middleton

Goodale Cemetery, Danvers

Green Street Cemetery, Marblehead

Greenlawn Cemetery, Salem

Hamilton Cemetery, Hamilton

Harbor View Cemetery, Marblehead

Harmony Cemetery, Georgetown

Harmony Grove Cemetery, Salem

Haverhill City Cemetery, Haverhill, aka, City Cemetery

High Street Cemetery, Gloucester , aka, Prospect Street Cemetery

Highland Cemetery, Ipswich

Highland Cemetery, Newburyport

Hilldale Cemetery, Haverhill

Holten Street Cemetery, Danvers

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, North Andover

Immaculate Conception Cemetery, Lawrence

Langsford Cemetery, Gloucester

Linwood Cemetery, Haverhill

Lithuanian Cemetery, Bradford

Locust Grove Cemetery, Merrimac

Locust Grove Cemetery, Gloucester, aka, Folly Cove Cemetery

Locust Grove Cemetery, Ipswich

Long Hill Cemetery, Salisbury

Lower Corner Cemetery, Merrimac

Magnolia Cemetery, Gloucester

Maple Hill Cemetery, Peabody

Maplewood Cemetery, Salisbury

Merrimack Cemetery, West Newbury

Monumental Cemetery, Peabody

Mount Adnah Cemetery, Gloucester

Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Gloucester

Mount Prospect Cemetery, Amesbury

Mount Vernon Cemetery, Boxford

Newburyport Hebrew Cemetery, Salisbury

North Beverly Cemetery, Beverly

Oak Grove Cemetery, Gloucester

Oak Hill Cemetery, Newburyport

Oak Hill Cemetery, Gloucester

Oakdale Cemetery, Middleton

Old Bridge Cemetery, Gloucester, aka, First Parish Burial Ground

Old Burial Hill Cemetery, Marblehead

Old East Burying Ground, Lynn, aka, Eastern Burial Ground

Old First Parish Burying Ground, Rockport, aka, Sandy Bay Cemetery

Old Hill Burying Ground, Newburyport, aka, Old Burying Hill and Veterans Cemetery

Old Settlers Cemetery, Danvers

Old South Cemetery, Ipswich

Old South Cemetery, Ipswich, aka, South Cemetery

Old Town Cemetery, Newbury

Pine Grove Cemetery, Lynn

Pine Grove Cemetery, Topsfield

Polish National Catholic Cemetery, Methuen

Puritan Lawn Memorial Park, Peabody

Ridgewood Cemetery, North Andover

Riverview Cemetery, Groveland

Rowley Burial Ground, Rowley

Sacred Heart Cemetery, Andover

Saint Anthonys Cemetery, Methuen

Saint Augustines Cemetery, Andover

Saint Francis Cemetery, Andover

Saint James Cemetery, Haverhill

Saint Jeans Cemetery, Lynn, aka, Saint Jeans de Baptiste Cemetery

Saint Josephs Cemetery, Haverhill

Saint Josephs Cemetery, Lynn

Saint Marys Cemetery, Lawrence, aka, Immaculate Conception Cemetery

Saint Marys Cemetery, Newburyport

Saint Patricks Cemetery, Haverhill

Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery, Lawrence

Salisbury Plains Burying Grounds, Amesbury

Sawyer Hill Burying Ground, Newburyport

Searles Cemetery, Methuen, aka, Old Burying Ground and Meeting House Hill Cemetery

Seaside Cemetery, Gloucester

Sons of Israel Cemetery, Lawrence

Sons of Jacob Cemetery, Danvers

Southside Cemetery, Topsfield

Spring Grove Cemetery, Andover

Spring Street Cemetery, Essex

Sumner Station Cemetery, Gloucester

Swampscott Cemetery, Swampscott

Syrian Cemetery, Andover, aka, United Lebanese Cemetery

Temple Emanuel Cemetery, Lawrence

True Cemetery, Salisbury

Union Cemetery, Rockport

Union Cemetery, Amesbury

Village Cemetery, Boxford, aka, Boxford Village and First Church Cemetery

Wadsworth Cemetery, Danvers

Walnut Cemetery, Haverhill

Walnut Grove Cemetery, Danvers

Walnut Hill Cemetery, West Newbury

Washington Cemetery, Gloucester

Waterside Cemetery,Marblehead

Wenham Cemetery, Wenham

Wesleyan Cemetery, Gloucester

West Parish Cemetery, Andover, aka, West Parish Garden Cemetery

Willow Cemetery, Lynnfield, aka, Willowdale Cemetery

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