Cemetery Research.

Cemetery research in Massachusetts is probably one of the most unique research tools available to the family genealogist. Stones in some cemeteries date back to the early 17th century. Clues found in this type of research can help to positively prove relationships, find "unknown" relatives and provide birth and death information that has been forever lost.

Mass-Doc can help preserve information inscribed on gravestones by providing photography services to those unable to personally visit one of our local cemeteries. Preservation is crucial in this case because many older gravestones are slowly but surely deteriorating and will simply vanish within the next few decades.

We can also obtain burial information from cemetery offices regarding the who, what, where and when of the family plot. Many times, additional family members can be located simply by discovering who else is buried in the same plot. This is an excellent approach to identify those elusive female relatives who's married names have not been discovered.

Currently, we only provide this service as part of an overall family history project. In addition, we only service cemeteries that have an active office or repository.  We need this in order to find the exact location of a particular plot and gravestone. Trying to locate gravestones from an abandoned cemetery, or even one without an office, can be extremely time consuming and would be cost prohibitive to our clients. We could spend hours, days even, walking a particular cemetery in an effort to locate a gravestone.

Please remember that in order to take the best possible photograph, weather, especially in New England, can always be a factor.

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