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The database of cemetery listings below is provided courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) and This database is a work in progress and continually updated.

The GNIS is comprised of all geographic names for all known places, features, and areas in the Unites States that are identified by a proper name. Each feature is located by State, county, and geographic coordinates; and referenced to the appropriate 1:24,000-scale U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) topographic map on which it is shown.

Instructions - Following a link to a cemetery name below will bring you to a GNIS site which will show (1) a detail report on the left side of the page and (2) a choice of maps on the right side of the page, including the USGS National Map, the GNIS in Google Map, Terrafly (very cool!), Topozone, Terraserver, Tiger Map and Watersheds. Each map style has good and bad points. Depending what you're looking for, each map style offers terrific information.

A total of 74 cemeteries for Berkshire County are listed. Please understand this directory is by no means meant to be an all inclusive directory of all cemeteries in Berkshire County. As time and work progresses by the staff at GNIS, the data will be more inclusive.

To learn more about how this cemetery directory was developed, visit the GNIS.

Click the cemetery name for details and to access map services. Please Note: The USGS map location on the right hand side of this page usually is named for the most prominent feature within the bounds of the map, which frequently is a community. Please note that although the cemetery location name listed on the map may be named after a prominent community, it does not indicate that the cemetery is “in” that community. The standard topographic map location names are in most cases a 7.5 minutes by 7.5 minutes box, covering approximately 60 square miles.

Also, this database does not maintain information on individuals or their history or interments, although it often assists genealogists by locating obscure or historical churches, cemeteries, or communities. For this information, we suggest contacting the cemetery office or the administering organization of the cemetery.


Cemetery NameLocationLatitudeLongitudeEle(ft)*
Advent CemeteryNorth Adams424234N0730713W1056
Ashuelot CemeteryPittsfield East422835N0731058W1168
Barnard CemeteryAshley Falls420505N0732117W682
Beech Plain CemeteryOtis421015N0730543W1496
Bellevue CemeteryWindsor423610N0730723W1004
Beth Israel CemeteryNorth Adams424240N0730455W1073
Blackington CemeteryWilliamstown424218N0731018W656
Carroll CemeteryAshley Falls420626N0731541W909
Center CemeteryPittsfield West422358N0732158W1194
Center CemeteryCheshire423055N0731342W1119
Center CemeteryAshley Falls420620N0732117W659
Church on the Hill CemeteryStockbridge422150N0731701W1339
Churchill CemeteryBash Bish Falls420523N0732428W741
Clarksburg CemeteryNorth Adams424408N0730403W1115
Clarksburg CemeteryNorth Adams424406N0730406W1086
College CemeteryWilliamstown424300N0731206W650
Cone Hill CemeteryStockbridge422129N0732206W1138
Corashire CemeteryGreat Barrington421050N0731533W1273
Dubois CemeteryTolland Center420257N0730319W702
East Main Street CemeteryPittsfield East422825N0730903W1175
East Part CemeteryPittsfield East422545N0731158W1086
East Windsor CemeteryWorthington422845N0725902W1450
Eastlawn CemeteryWilliamstown424229N0731143W643
Elmwood CemeteryGreat Barrington421210N0732038W715
Fairview CemeteryPittsfield East422838N0731018W1165
Gardner CemeteryHancock423622N0731723W1234
Hancock CemeteryHancock423250N0731833W1073
Hewins CemeteryAshley Falls420510N0731921W702
Hillside CemeteryNorth Adams424200N0730723W741
Huxley CemeterySouth Sandisfield420323N0731323W1260
Lanesborough Center CemeteryCheshire423050N0731338W1125
Love of Peace CemeteryPittsfield West422958N0731658W1214
Maple Street CemeteryNorth Adams423735N0730713W863
Maple Street CemeteryNorth Adams423735N0730713W863
Montville CemeterySouth Sandisfield420700N0730808W1460
Mountain View CemeteryEast Lee422110N0731448W1070
New Ashford CemeteryCheshire423630N0731406W1220
New Lenox CemeteryPittsfield East422333N0731401W1001
New Marlborough CemeterySouth Sandisfield420713N0731412W1240
New State CemeteryNorth Adams423800N0730129W1857
New State CemeteryNorth Adams423801N0730133W1890
North CemeteryPittsfield West422456N0732015W1188
North CemeteryPeru422737N0730030W1900
Northeast CemeteryPittsfield West422429N0731853W1204
Old Center CemeteryMonterey421208N0731336W1519
Palmer CemeterySouth Sandisfield420520N0731343W1073
Peru CemeteryPeru422610N0730257W2087
Pittsfield CemeteryPittsfield West422800N0731543W1060
Riverside CemeteryEgremont421200N0732615W791
Riverside CemeteryCheshire423221N0731354W1168
Roberts CemeteryTolland Center420256N0730706W1516
Rockdale CemeteryState Line421724N0732231W866
Saint Anns CemeteryStockbridge422130N0731643W1270
Saint Josephs CemeteryPittsfield West422842N0731520W1132
Saint Josephs CemeteryStockbridge421710N0731918W833
Saint Josephs CemeteryNorth Adams424028N0730543W807
Saint Josephs CemeteryStockbridge421711N0731920W823
Saint Marys CemeteryStockbridge421830N0731548W1040
Saint Patricks CemeteryState Line422000N0732258W1106
Saint Patricks CemeteryPittsfield East422710N0730806W1381
Saint Peters CemeteryGreat Barrington421216N0732031W712
Saint Stanislaus Kostka CemeteryWindsor423605N0730648W1237
Shaw CemeteryWindsor423003N0730015W1801
South Lee CemeteryStockbridge421618N0731518W866
Southlawn CemeteryWilliamstown423936N0731418W866
Southview CemeteryNorth Adams424020N0730605W722
Stockbridge CemeteryStockbridge421708N0731908W840
Talcott CemeteryCheshire423150N0731357W1145
The Tomb CemeteryWindsor423430N0730248W1850
Washington CemeteryBecket422225N0730713W1585
West Center CemeteryState Line421820N0732413W1184
West Center CemeteryOtis421313N0730725W1680
West Stockbridge CemeteryState Line422055N0732243W935
Woods CemeteryMonterey421145N0731313W1398

*Elevations are from the National Elevation Dataset

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