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Black and white map of Berkshire County Massachusetts, with town and city names and land borders. 

The cemetery listings below were provided, in part, courtesy of the now archived U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS).

The GNIS was comprised of all geographic names for all known places, features, and areas in the Unites States that were identified by a proper name. Each cemetery was located by State and county.

A total of 87 cemeteries for Berkshire County are listed. This directory is by no means meant to be an all inclusive directory of all cemeteries in Berkshire County.

Embedded links to the cemeteries have been researched and provided by us @ In all cases, we tried to find direct links to the actual cemetery office. Many of these cemeteries are no longer active so we chose links that would give you the most information. If you find a more appropriate link than what is provided, please email us and we can update this page. Our email address is at the bottom of this page.

Cemetery Name and City or Town Location

Advent Cemetery, North Adams

Ahavath Sholom, Great Barrington

Ahavath Sholom, Pittsfield

Ashuelot Cemetery, Dalton

Barnard Cemetery, Sheffield

Beech Plain Cemetery, Sandisfield

Becket Center Cemetery, Becket

Bellevue Cemetery, Adams

Beth Israel Cemetery, Clarksburg

Blackington Cemetery, North Adams

Carroll Cemetery, New Marlborough

Center Cemetery, Alford, aka, Alford Village Cemetery

Center Cemetery, Lanesborough, aka, Lanesborough Center Cemetery and Lower Cemetery

Center Cemetery, Richmond

Center Cemetery, Sheffield

Church on the Hill Cemetery, Lenox

Churchill Cemetery, Sheffield

Clarksburg Cemetery, Clarksburg

College Cemetery, Williamstown, aka, Williams College Cemetery

Cone Hill Cemetery, Richmond

Corashire Cemetery, Monterey

Dubois Cemetery, Sandisfield

East Main Street Cemetery, Dalton

East Part Cemetery, Pittsfield

East Windsor Cemetery, Windsor

Eastlawn Cemetery, Williamstown

Elmwood Cemetery, Great Barrington

Fairmount Cemetery, Lee, aka, Center Cemetery

Fairview Cemetery, Dalton

Gardner Cemetery, Hancock

Green Lawn Cemetery, Great Barrington

Hancock Cemetery, Hancock

Hewins Cemetery, Sheffield

Hillside Cemetery, North Adams

Huxley Cemetery, New Marlborough

Lanesborough Center Cemetery, Lanesborough, aka, Center Cemetery

Love of Peace Cemetery, Pittsfield

Mahawie Cemetery, Great Barrington, aka, South Cemetery

Maple Street Cemetery, Adams

Montville Cemetery, South Sandisfield

Mountain View Cemetery, Lanesborough

Mountain View Cemetery, Lenox

New Ashford Cemetery, New Ashford

New Lenox Cemetery, Lenox

New Marlborough Cemetery, New Marlborough

New State Cemetery, Savoy

North Becket Cemetery, Becket, aka, North Cemetery

North Cemetery, Cheshire

North Cemetery, Peru

Northeast Cemetery, Richmond

Old Center Cemetery, Monterey

Palmer Cemetery, New Marlborough

Pelton Brook Cemetery, Great Barrington

Peru Cemetery, Peru, aka, Center Cemetery and Peru Center Cemetery

Pine Grove Cemetery, Sheffield, aka, Bow Wow Cemetery

Pittsfield Cemetery, Pittsfield

Riverside Cemetery, Egremont

Riverside Cemetery, Lanesborough, aka, Saint Lukes Episcopal Church Cemetery

Roberts Cemetery, Sandisfield

Rockdale Cemetery, West Stockbridge, aka, South Cemetery and Slauter Cemetery

Saint Anns Cemetery, Lenox

Saint Bridgets Cemetery, Great Barrington

Saint Joseph's Cemetery, Pittsfield

Saint Joseph's Cemetery, Stockbridge

Saint Josephs Cemetery, North Adams

Saint Marys Cemetery, Lee

Saint Patricks Cemetery, West Stockbridge

Saint Peters Cemetery, Great Barrington

Saint Stanislaus Kostka Cemetery, Adams

Shaw Cemetery, Windsor

South Lee Cemetery, Lee

Southlawn Cemetery, Williamstown

Southview Cemetery, North Adams

Stockbridge Cemetery, Stockbridge

Stony Brook Cemetery, Great Barrington

Talcott Cemetery, Laneborough, aka, North Cemetery

Tomb Cemetery, Savoy, aka, Cherry Hill Cemetery

Tyringham Cemetery, Tyringham

Washington Cemetery, Washington

Water Street Cemetery, Great Barrington

West Becket Cemetery, Becket

West Center Cemetery, Otis

West Center Cemetery, West Stockbridge

West New Boston Cemetery, Sandisfield, aka, Clam River Cemetery

West Part Cemetery, Pittsfield

West Stockbridge Cemetery, Stockbridge

Woods Cemetery, Monterey, aka, Henwood Cemetery

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