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The database of cemetery listings below is provided courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) and This database is a work in progress and continually updated.

The GNIS is comprised of all geographic names for all known places, features, and areas in the Unites States that are identified by a proper name. Each feature is located by State, county, and geographic coordinates; and referenced to the appropriate 1:24,000-scale U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) topographic map on which it is shown.

Instructions - Following a link to a cemetery name below will bring you to a GNIS site which will show (1) a detail report on the left side of the page and (2) a choice of maps on the right side of the page, including the USGS National Map, the GNIS in Google Map, Terrafly (very cool!), Topozone, Terraserver, Tiger Map and Watersheds. Each map style has good and bad points. Depending what you're looking for, each map style offers terrific information.

A total of 67 cemeteries for Barnstable County are listed. Please understand this directory is by no means meant to be an all inclusive directory of all cemeteries in Barnstable County. As time and work progresses by the staff at GNIS, the data will be more inclusive.

To learn more about how this cemetery directory was developed, visit the GNIS.

Click the cemetery name for details and to access map services. Please Note: The USGS map location on the right hand side of this page usually is named for the most prominent feature within the bounds of the map, which frequently is a community. Please note that although the cemetery location name listed on the map may be named after a prominent community, it does not indicate that the cemetery is “in” that community. The standard topographic map location names are in most cases a 7.5 minutes by 7.5 minutes box, covering approximately 60 square miles.

Also, this database does not maintain information on individuals or their history or interments, although it often assists genealogists by locating obscure or historical churches, cemeteries, or communities. For this information, we suggest contacting the cemetery office or the administering organization of the cemetery.

Cemetery Name LocationLatitudeLongitudeEle(ft)*
Ancient CemeteryDennis414240N0701358W20
Bay View CemeterySagamore414530N0703035W66
Beechwood CemeteryHyannis413922N0702055W49
Brewster CemeteryHarwich414545N0700543W30
Bridge Road CemeteryOrleans414935N0695853W26
Cataumet CemeteryPocasset414037N0703621W66
Cedarville CemeterySandwich414422N0702635W39
Chatham Old Burying GroundChatham414140N0695913W66
Cove Burying GroundOrleans414840N0695813W39
Crocker CemeteryHyannis414147N0702025W95
Crowell CemeteryWoods Hole413645N0703733W10
Dillingham CemeteryHarwich414440N0700704W79
East Barnstable CemeteryHyannis414150N0701651W56
Evergreen CemeteryOrleans415030N0695858W43
Evergreen CemeteryHarwich414208N0700113W72
Foster CemeteryHarwich414610N0700353W36
Freeman CemeterySandwich414454N0702838W49
Georgetown CemeteryDennis414020N0701053W20
Goodspeed CemeterySandwich414020N0702821W89
Gray Gables CemeteryPocasset414406N0703646W16
Hall CemeteryDennis414437N0701138W20
Hill of Churches Hills of StormsNorth Truro420005N0700305W95
Hillside CemeteryCotuit413750N0702245W16
Homer CemeteryDennis414433N0700904W59
Howes CemeteryDennis414404N0701203W10
Indian CemeterySagamore414710N0703353W33
Island Pond CemeteryHarwich414120N0700442W43
Lothrop Hill CemeteryHyannis414210N0701901W69
Massachusetts National CemeteryPocasset414027N0703512W167
Monument Beach CemeteryOnset414255N0704404W16
Mosswood CemeteryCotuit413745N0702558W36
Mount Hope CemeterySandwich414507N0702904W33
Mount Pleasant CemeteryHarwich414026N0700450W39
National CemeteryPocasset414025N0703442W157
Oak Grove CemeteryHyannis413836N0701718W20
Oak Grove CemeteryFalmouth413355N0703658W39
Oak Neck CemeteryHyannis413835N0701708W20
Oak Ridge CemeteryDennis414240N0700918W49
Oakdale CemeteryWellfleet415645N0700128W89
Oakland Grove CemeteryPocasset414425N0703613W23
Old Bourne CemeteryPocasset414419N0703553W30
Old CemeteryChatham414140N0695908W62
Old North CemeteryNorth Truro420156N0700424W121
Orleans CemeteryOrleans414708N0695843W72
Ouivett CemeteryDennis414500N0700828W43
Paddock CemeteryDennis414435N0701023W10
Peoples CemeteryChatham414130N0695808W59
Percival CemeterySandwich414113N0702722W144
Pine Grove CemeteryWellfleet415836N0700333W105
Pine Grove CemeteryDennis414005N0701118W23
Pine Grove CemeteryHarwich414023N0700718W16
Pleasant Hill CemeteryWellfleet415645N0700134W92
Red Top CemeteryDennis414436N0700801W82
Saddle and Pilgrim GravesSagamore414602N0703107W46
Saint Francis XaviersHyannis413907N0702000W39
Saint Patricks CemeteryFalmouth413408N0703621W26
Sears CemeteryDennis414439N0700843W7
Seaside CemeteryChatham414110N0695758W39
Snow CemeteryWellfleet415951N0700318W108
Soldiers CemeteryOrleans415025N0695853W49
South Dennis CemeteryDennis414034N0700918W20
South Wellfleet CemeteryWellfleet415430N0695905W36
Swan Lake CemeteryDennis414037N0700743W13
Tobey CemeterySandwich414150N0702913W167
Union CemeteryChatham414122N0695816W72
Waquoit CemeteryFalmouth413452N0703136W33
Woodside CemeteryDennis414200N0701448W56

*Elevations are from the National Elevation Dataset

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