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Welcome to Mass Docs!

We are a fast, private, professional document search, retrieval and delivery business started in 1997. Unlike some national "people or public record search" firms, we specialize in retrieving only those documents created and housed in Massachusetts.

Our web site has been on-line since 1997 and customers quite literally span the globe.

Customers include probate lawyers, private investigators, historians, journalists, authors, family genealogists, insurance companies, bank corporations and other similar types of businesses and individuals.

Our primary strength is in searching for 19th, 20th and 21st century records and events which took place within the state of Massachusetts.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Our services include the search, retrieval and delivery of Massachusetts vital records, probate case files, United States citizenship and naturalization records and federal and state census information. Custom research can also include in-depth newspaper research, as well as city directory look-up service for mid-19th and 20th century town and city directories.

In addition, we provide custom tailored genealogical research services. This includes not only specialized research but also the development of pedigree charts, family group sheets and ancestral wall charts. 

Send us an e-mail to request a specific research project.

These custom services include not only on-site research and complete source documentation, but also a professional analysis of the findings and various written reports regarding your project.

Orders for individual documents, such as a birth certificate, a marriage or death certificate, are all easily submitted directly from this web site. As a private research organization located within the heart of most major Massachusetts repositories, we pride ourselves on fast delivery time.

We deliver hard copy documents across town, across state or around the world. As an alternative, abstracted, scanned and/or digitized records can also be sent directly to your computer as email attachments. [This electronic delivery service does not apply to certified vital records.]

Our web site is a two-fold design. Its primary intention is to assist researchers who live outside of the area and need to utilize our services. The site is also designed to assist those who have the good fortune of personally visiting various archive centers throughout the state.

While you're here, be sure and visit our Mass Tools page for on-line links to state maps, books, libraries, research repositories, state-wide cemetery listings, probate courts, registry of deed locations, probate courts and state-wide daily newspaper listings.

Visitors can also search a database of state town and city clerks, download in-depth profiles of all 351 Massachusetts towns and cities and browse hundreds of Massachusetts public library catalogue, all from Mass Tools

We are active members in the following professional, business, genealogical and historical related societies:

This web site is not affiliated with, nor are we employed by, the state of Massachusetts, the state court system or the federal government.

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Probate Records

You can easily order a probated estate file, such as a will or an estate administration file.

Massachusetts Cemetery Research

Researched as part of an overall family history project. We do not provide individual lookups.

Massachusetts City Directories

Researched as part of an overall family history project. We do not provide individual lookups.

Custom Research Projects Are Available !

Send us an email to request a specific research project.

We'll respond ASAP with a price quote and estimation of time to complete your request.