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We have access to naturalization indexes and records in all six New England States. Those states include Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

For a detailed list of courts and dates, go to: Naturalization Research.  

If you have come to this request page without first reading about our document retrieval services, we suggest you first read about those services. If you need to learn more about naturalization records in general, please spend some time at our naturalization research page. If you are requesting a search for a woman's naturalization record, especially prior to 1922, we strongly recommend that you first read "Women and Naturalization, ca. 1802 - 1940."

Each naturalization search is $65 (US). We do our best at searching various court indexes. There are no guarantees for a successful search nor are refunds made if a record is not located. 

Please note we only provide photocopies of naturalization records. We do not provide certified copies. In addition, this web site, mass-doc.com is not affiliated with, nor are we employed by, the state of Massachusetts, the state court system or the federal government. We are an independent court document retrieval business

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Naturalization research can be difficult. For example, there are hundreds of  "John Smiths" naturalized between 1850 and 1900, and that's just in Massachusetts. Please supply any additional information you feel is helpful to expedite the search. For example, this could include spouse's name, children that you know of and approximate ages, etc. The more detail provided, the better are chances of performing a successful naturalization search for you.

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