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Certified birth records are official, legal documents and obtained through the Massachusetts State Registry of Vital Statistics in Boston. Each record is a duplicate of the original and embossed with an official raised Massachusetts state seal. 

Certified birth records are valid for obtaining passports, providing proof of age, United States citizenship, obtaining social security benefits and many other legal purposes.

The charge for locating, obtaining and shipping a Massachusetts certified birth certificate is $45 [US]. Quantity discounts apply for duplicates of the same record ordered at the same time.

If you do not need a birth certificate for legal or official reasons, request a transcribed record. The fee for locating, transcribing and emailing a birth record is $20.

A transcribed record is not an official or legal document. However, it is an excellent alternative for such purposes as genealogy research or for background investigations. All information recorded on the original record is hand copied by one of our researchers. Information is then transcribed into a "plain text" PDF file format. It is only delivered as an email attachment. 

If you need the record (s) for any legal or official purpose, such as applying for a passport or a driver's license, order a certified record.

If a specific birth date (month, day and year) is unknown, searches include a one time search for up to a ten year period, i.e., 1971 - 1980. 

Record searches are only completed on location and in person by the research staff at No birth record searches are undertaken until we receive both this order form and your payment.

Checks and or money orders are accepted for payment. Payment instructions are sent via your web browser immediately following placement of your order. We do not send an additional email message. Once your payment is received, normal delivery time is 10 - 14 business days. For an additional fee of $45, faster delivery service is available.

Important! Massachusetts law restricts the release of out of wedlock birth records to specific individuals. Our research staff can not obtain restricted records for you. If this applies, please DO NOT submit a request through this web site.

(Go to this site for additional information regarding restricted records.)

Online Form Instructions: Provide as much background information on the individual as possible. The more accurate and detailed the information supplied, the more successful our search at the Massachusetts State Registry of Vital Statistics. You will receive a confirmation within a few seconds of submitting your order via your web browser. Please save that confirmation and follow instructions for further processing and sending payment. We do not send a separate email verification. Thank you! 


First Name
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Last Name [At Birth]
NOTE: Birth records for persons born out of wedlock are not available through this web site. If you are the subject or named parent of an out of wedlock birth, please email us for additional instructions.


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Enter a year between 1926 - 2016 or, up to a 10 year span, i. e. 1961 - 1970. Birth records prior to 1921 are not available through this web site.


Enter the city or town of birth. [**For a birth occurring within the last twelve (12) months, the name of the hospital and town or city where the child was born is required.]


records are stamped with a raised, embossed state seal and are valid for obtaining passports, providing proof of age, United States citizenship, obtaining social security benefits, drivers licenses and for many other legal purposes. A transcription is not an official or legal document. Transcriptions are used primarily in genealogical research, background investigations or for general information.

Certified records can not be sent via email. They are delivered by first class or expedited shipping methods. ALL transcribed records are sent as email attachments. Unfortunately, we do not provide an expedited service for transcribed records.


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